Marketing & PR

Marketing & Public Relations

"BFM gets involved with the music, plain and simple."

–Deanna Sorensen, Owner & President, Lindemark Music Collection

We work with our clients one-on-one to build personalized, effective release strategies and marketing/publicity campaigns that target specific demographics. We emphasize aligning all marketing communications to consistently reflect the personality of the artist and the music. This maximizes the power and impact of the message, furthering awareness of albums and increasing sales.


BFM's suite of marketing, publicity and promotional services include:

Publicity: PR copywriting, distribution, media correspondence and reporting

Mobile Marketing: customized artist/label iPhone and Android applications, widgets and ringtones.

Radio Promotion

Viral Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Consumer Contests and Promotions

Advertising: Media planning, ad design, and campaign management/reporting for online, print, mobile and social advertising


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