In Action: Testimonials


We like to feel that we champion our clients, spreading the word about their talent and their success to the world. We are delighted that so many of them feel the same enthusiasm about our contributions. Here are a few speaking their mind, in their own words.


“With so many digital aggregator companies to choose from in the market, BFM Digital is an obvious choice for the indie label and artist, as it provides the customer service, marketing assistance and creative brainstorming that the others fail miserably at. Every penny counts to the indie artist/label, and BFM understands that and works hard to increase sales from quarter to quarter for each client it represents.”

–Tanvi Patel, VP/Managing Director, Point Classics


“We have been working with the team at BFM for 5 years now and in that time have developed a significant revenue stream which started with only a few CDs. BFM‘s input and expertise have been invaluable in helping us to create new and successful retail products. If you are thinking about placing your content with BFM, rest assured that you will be in good hands.”

–Brian Nimens, President & CEO, Sound Ideas


“I have known the founders of BFM Digital from the very day they started their company. It has been amazing watching them grow and evolve to include digital distribution and much needed music marketing services for independent artists. Through all this, they have never missed a payment or report and in our music industry, creative service plus on-time honest, accurate payment is a very rare thing. I send all my clients to BFM because I know them, I know where they live and I fully trust this company.”

–Laura Lavi-Jones, Singer/Songwriter, Attorney, Entrepreneur, Entertainment Business Owner


BFM has always been on the cutting edge in digital music distribution. It is reassuring to know that part of our business is being minded while we are off doing our thing. I heartily recommend BFM to anyone needing comprehensive digital distribution. Their ongoing attention to what is happening now can only be approximated by their competitors.”

–Arnie Hoffman, Owner, Laughing Hyena Records


BFM has been a strong, innovative partner to new ways of marketing and promoting our content.  With their A&R team, we have created very successful retail product that has proven to be a profitable revenue stream for us.”

–Adam Taylor, President, APM Music


“I’ve been with BFM from the beginning.  From the beginning of our relationship BFM‘s reliability has been impeccable!  The entire staff from the top down is always responsive. BFM maintains regular contact and initiates ideas for furthering your success with them.”

–Peter Pupping, GuitarSounds


“So you mean that my constant calling you and your staff and asking questions and wanting my Emusic site fix is a GOOD THING? You don’t HATE ME?”

–Steven McClintock, singer/songwriter/producer, 37 Records


“As a brick and mortar recording artist since 1987, I welcome this new world of online markets. I’ve been able to reach more people than ever before. And yes, it’s a ton of work, some less creative than others, but the pot is so much sweeter. BFM has been a wonderful asset to my creative outlets. They actually participate in activities like Midem and the NM Seminar, and many others. We all win.”

–David Arkenstone, composer/musician


“It’s been almost 6 years since we shook hands with BFM for a digital presence in the music market. The collaboration started in a friendly fashion and I can’t remember ever feeling the need to have a second look at our contract terms since we have signed it in 2004. It’s a real blessing having a partner being professionally responsible and transparent but at the same acting as a friend and companion instead of just a business associate. Throughout the past 6 years many tempting offers knocked by but we always felt that BFM is our one and only digital home and we will stay loyal to it.”

–Ramin Sadighi, Founder & President, Hermes Records


BFM Digital gets involved with the music they represent. I felt the embrace of true professionalism with BFM the moment I started working with all staff members.  I am thrilled at how beautiful the press release on Paul Waters turned out and am looking forward to releasing yet even more great music through BFM. I would choose no other aggregator and in fact have taken down music from previous aggregator because BFM gets involved with the music, plain and simple.”

– Deanna Sorense, Owner & President, Lindemark Music Collection


“My label and I have been with BFM since its inception. Having worked with Steve Corn previously, I knew I and my indie label were in the best hands, even though I was skeptical of the whole digital downloading concept when it came to children’s music. It’s been clear since the beginning that the whole BFM staff is dedicated to getting its artists music out there with the latest digital technology!

BFM goes above and beyond in its commitment to its artists and their music. Thank you, BFM, for taking such good care of my music! Thanks for your years of service and, mostly, for your friendship!!!!”

–Joanie Bartels-MacDonald, Joanie Tones Music


BFM Digital is an amazing company with a friendly and highly qualified staff.  It has been an honor to be a part of their clientele and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking world-wide digital distribution of their content”.

–William Traylor, Founder & President, Mansion Entertainment


“Since becoming a new BFM Digital artist, we have been in constant communication with BFM‘s PR and marketing team€”even requesting an office visit so that I was certain we were on the same page in this exciting new album venture. To see my distributor’s genuine interest in our music truly motivated me more to put in work. This DIY era of music is both a blessing and a curse, so I couldn’t be more pleased to be represented by a proactive distributor.”

–Chantal Grayson, The Rockturnals