In Action: Case Studies

The best way to show you how we support our clients and get their music to the ears that matter is through real world examples. Take a look at some BFM case studies that illustrate our thinking and innovation in action.


Our relationships with the digital stores and services provide us with amazing opportunities for promoting clients and positioning their music. Some examples:

Amazon MP3

Every year, Amazon holds its popular "Fill Your Player" promotion, where customers can check out great deals on music to cash in their gift cards. This year, we were able to include more than 35 titles in the promotion and saw a significant increase in sales for each of those titles. In addition to this yearly promotion, we also work with Amazon every month to submit our clients for promotional consideration, as well as new and unique opportunities for individual projects (see White Apple Tree case study above).


White Apple Tree

37 Record’s young SoCal indietronic band, White Apple Tree, went international with their single, Snowflakes, when it showcased in the German indie film, Kokowääh in March, 2001.

To take advantage of all the attention and create awareness among their new fans, we set up a free track promotion of the band’s latest EP, Peach Hat, with Amazon Germany. An email blast out to fans of the film and its stars, as well as a placement on the movie’s soundtrack page, told fans they could download Youth II absolutely free.

The result? Youth II went to #2 in track downloads on Amazon MP3, only behind Lady Gaga herself!



Other examples of BFM's commitment to our clients' success:

Steve Gadd

One of the most influential drummers of all time, Steve Gadd set a new standard in contemporary drumming techniques and performance. The artists who have demanded Steve on their albums read like a Hall of Fame list: Paul McCartney, Chuck Mangione, Carly Simon, Jon Bon Jovi, Paul Simon, Chet Baker and countless others. Chick Corea has said of Steve: "Every drummer wants to play like Gadd because he plays perfect." Legendary drum tracks like Aja, Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover, Late in the Evening, and Nite Sprite have influenced every drummer working today.

So when Steve came to us and said he wanted to release a new live album, we said absolutely. Live at Voce (Deluxe Edition) was the debut release on BFM Jazz, a label we created especially for legendary artists like Steve who have lots of great material, but no label to release and market it. Live at Voce was a hit in the Jazz world, gaining notice from Jazz Times, KCRW in Los Angeles, DRUM! Magazine, and All About Jazz.


BFM is constantly staying on top of trends in pop culture to spark ideas for new revenue streams for our clients. Here are just a few of the products we created to help capitalize on those trends and events:


4th of July Promoting Patriotic Music

Music that fills the air on the 4th of July has a very unique and celebratory sound. While there are a few fan favorites, a lot of other music out there is equally expressive and patriotic. The catalogue of one of our clients is filled with such music, but there was little awareness of it in the marketplace.

To help generate this awareness before the holiday, BFM compiled the tracks into a 4th of July digital album and got it featured on several music services during the month of July.  The result: the album (by an unknown artist and orchestra), went to the #3 Billboard Classical album for July.


Treme:  The Sound of New Orleans

One of America's top-rated TV shows of the last year is HBO's hit series, Treme. People have responded to the story of New Orleans and its people with such enthusiasm that we thought they'd also like to hear the music from the famous city.

We put together an interlabel compilation featuring music from the same New Orleans neighborhood featured in the series.  Our A&R department combed through content from dozens of relevant catalogues to create an amazing album highlighting the sound and feel of this historic area.  After a careful review of the most effective search terms, BFM was able to position this album in the top three albums when searching for "Treme."





We often work with labels and libraries that believe they have exhausted the marketing and promotional angles on their previously released music catalogue. This may be true for the albums as they were released, but we believe there is ample opportunity for labels to work together to create new products that consumers may be looking for.


At BFM, we love discovering new music and new and passionate artists. Recently, we were approached to work closely with a rising female singer/songwriter. This person had great management, gigged constantly, and boasted a well-produced initial album—all the right ingredients for a successful release.

After considering the talent of the singer, her work ethic and the team behind her, BFM decided to put our full weight behind her and the new album. The result: we obtained three prominent iTunes feature placements, including a home page feature (practically unheard of for a relatively unknown singer), as well as features on many other digital stores.