How We Do It

We collaborate and customize

With their A&R team, we have created very successful retail product that has proven to be a profitable revenue stream for us.”

Adam Taylor, President, APM  Music

Our more than 500 clients benefit from the strong relationships BFM has with more than 250 digital stores, who work with us to design just the right channel strategy for the artist and music. We partner with each client to customize that strategy, offering complete marketing, distribution and support solutions and the opportunity to complement existing service structures.

Our many success stories demonstrate the real proof of our performance. Emails, letters and phone calls from clients express their appreciation for the personal interest we take in their music and their business.  Great numbers may demonstrate the results of successful sales, but at BFM, a client will never be a number.

We anticipate and adapt

“BFM’s input and expertise have been invaluable in helping us to create new and successful retail products. If you are thinking about placing your content with BFM, rest assured that you will be in good hands.”

–Brian Nimens, President & CEO, Sound Ideas

The music industry changes with astonishing speed. You don’t hit a moving target by aiming where it is, you aim where it’s headed. We constantly process emerging technologies, distribution models and strategic alliances to build the most effective marketing and promotion strategies. This lets us position our clients’ music to maximize awareness and sales.

This industry landscape is challenging, but it also offers unique opportunities to independent artists and boutique labels. In the days of traditional distribution, promotional opportunities were available only to major labels with big budgets. BFM artists now have the same access to these tools.

We connect with our clients in a very personal way, providing guidance and consultation to help create effective sales strategies and new revenue opportunities to ensure a healthy and enduring career. We’re in this for the long run.