Who Does It

“I send all my clients to BFM because I know them, I know where they live and I fully trust this company.”

–Laura Lavi-Jones, entertainment attorney and singer/songwriter


The co-founders of BFM Digital put their stamp and personality on every aspect of the company. As musicians and composers, Steven Weber and Steve Corn have been on the front lines and backstage: touring, writing, playing, supervising scores, getting their hands dirty in production studios and garages; they’ve achieved success in music publishing, production libraries and creative digital audio licensing channels.


Steve Corn

“Throughout my career, I have always sought ways to help artists support themselves and fulfill their goals of creating music.  But if there is one thing I’m proudest of in what we’ve accomplished with our company, it’s that clients tell us over and over that we’ve earned their trust. That’s what we deal in here. Sure, we build careers and distribute music, but at the end of the day, we’re in the business of trust.”


CEO and Founder of BFM Digital (and a composer and musician himself), Steve Corn combines a formal education in jazz piano and film music composition with over two decades of business experience in music supervision and media licensing. His company, Corn Music Services, Inc., pioneered the licensing of master recordings, sound effects and images to global cellular providers, establishing an early foothold in the exploding market for ringtones, ringbacks and wallpaper on mobile devices. It also provided consulting services for industry leaders like Universal Studios, Fox Interactive and Myspace.

Two previous senior management positions gave Steve a unique perspective of music distribution, new media licensing and asset management: Executive Vice President of Licensemusic.com, the first comprehensive online music licensing service; and Vice President/General Manager of Megatrax Production Music, a leading production music library servicing major entertainment enterprises around the world.

Steve’s understanding of dealmaking was forged by his years at LIVE Entertainment (the precursor to Artisan Entertainment), where he negotiated soundtrack deals and managed publishing rights for all theatrical and home video releases. His music supervision work with various television production companies reflects his deep understanding of the complex coordination, negotiation and creative vision required to integrate music with other media.



Steven Weber

“The same passion that creates great music can drive the process of getting that music in front of people who will appreciate it and buy it. We make sure the voice of the artist, the same voice that makes their music unique, is reflected in our marketing and promotion.”


BFM Digital President and Founder (and musician) Steven Weber faced a dilemma on graduating college, “Do I take a summer internship with a major engineering company or tour Japan as a bass player with the UC Berkeley Jazz Ensemble?”  His decision marked the beginning of a lifelong passion. He headed for Japan and never looked back, spending 4 years in Asia and Europe playing jazz and rock in every imaginable club and venue.

A job with a label in London introduced him to music publishing, which offered an ideal fusion of the creative and business aspects of music. Back in the U.S., he pursued a publishing career with Bug Music, Inc., followed by a position with MusicWest Records that expanded his international perspective and experience.

Touring on a short stint as a road manager for legendary and enigmatic blues artist Ted Hawkins led to a new direction for Steven. He simultaneously returned to school for a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and founded Sirius Star Entertainment, an international representation and consulting firm providing key creative and business management support for independent record companies and publishers.

Retained as a consultant for Megatrax Production Music, Steven established the company’s portfolio of overseas licensing and distribution deals. He also became the exclusive U.S. rep for J-Wave Music Japan, honing skills at marketing domestic artists internationally, skills that benefit BFM‘s client roster today.  J-Wave also became one of numerous clients who benefited from Steven’s strategy and design of compilation projects for repurposing catalogue music and generating fresh revenue streams.

Soon after, Steven began working with the founder of The Royalty Network, a leading music publishing administration company. This personal and business relationship led to BFM‘s strategic partnership with The Royalty Network, giving impressive power to BFM sync strategies and other purposeful alliances between the two companies.



…Steve and Steven merge their diverse experience and talents into a management team known for its creativity, integrity and attention to detail in every aspect of client service and support. They first met while at Megatrax and began forging plans for a new kind of company, one devoted to supporting artist and label needs in an industry increasingly dominated by digital distribution.

Both collaborate in shaping the overall vision of BFM Digital and charting its course. While they share many other duties, Steve Corn bears primary responsibility for managing critical strategic relationships with over 250 digital stores, while Steven Weber spearheads management of over 500 client relationships. Together they design and steer individual client strategies and oversee the teams responsible for implementing all of BFM‘s distribution, marketing and promotional services.



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